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About Me

“Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.”


With over 8 years of expertise, I specialize in content creating and digital design for print, web, and mobile interfaces. I work in clean, modern, minimal, flat styles, using the latest design trends and usability patterns. In my free time I also do modeling, photography, and videography which goes hand in hand in getting some extra inspiration for my creative mindset. While expand my skillsets in digital media, I have experience in Shopify Templates, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript which helps me understand full development process and create a high quality product.

Why work with me?


Gets the job done.

Hard Working

Will work through any obstacle I face throughout the process.

Self Driven

Never runs out of inspiration and motivation.


Enjoys and loves the process and fulfilled by the result.

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345 Harrison Ave Apt 926
Boston, MA 02118

(603) 841-0671

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